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Injury Free meets and exceeds 4 of the 5 NIOSH & CDC recommendations for EMS safety, fatigue management and fatigue-related risks. Schedule a demo to learn more now.


In today’s fire service most injury occurs during patient handling, training & fitness endeavors. Our proven system will improve fire fighter fitness safely while drastically lowering the rate and severity of injury in the field.

Law Enforcement

Simple, actionable, effective and quick are just a few ways to describe our officer fitness and survival program. Your fitness will save your life one day, train that way.


To move product well first your employees must move well. Tie that to a simple yet effective system of product handling and you get a productive and injury free employee.



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Patient Handling Class

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Fitness & Injury Free Class

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Law Enforcement Tactical
Fitness & Injury Prevention

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  • Feb072018

    Fit for Duty

    Paramedic and EMS wellness expert Bryan Fass can’t teach providers how to move patients properly if they don’t move correctly themselves. “Why do we get hurt? We don’t move well,” Fass told his audience during “Rescuing Our Responders: Reducing Risk In Public Safety Employees” at ESO Wave in Austin Feb. 2. And most times, simple safety precautions are sufficient to

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