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Archive for July, 2013

  • Jul232013

    How High Should you Swing a Kettle Bell

    In this post, I hope to answer this question and provide enough info to stop the nonsense chatter that and…

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  • Jul112013

    Kettle Bell Get Up Press Series


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  • Jul112013

    The Path to Fitness & Wellness Enlightenment

    I was not a born a naturally athletic child, even though I was raised on a farm and was taught…

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  • Jul092013

    Career Fitness Maintenance

    Talk to any chief or sheriff, go to any conference or simply scan the media and you will quickly realize…

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  • Jul032013

    Attacking The Sleep Conspiracy

    I came across this podcast from Harvard. Very interesting information. How will this information fit into the shift work world…

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  • Jul022013

    Soy: It’s bad for You, and It’s Everywhere.

    With the abundance of studies showing soy’s damaging health effects, it’s crazy that doctors across the nation and food manufacturers…

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  • Jul012013

    Green Tea May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease & More

    Check out this great article on the numerous (and inexpensive) benefits of Green Tea.  It’s on the street nutrition friendly…

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