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Archive for September, 2013

  • Sep202013

    Strength training can get complicated. Sure, in the beginning it’s simple – at least it should be, because basically anything…

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  • Sep192013

    Live PodCast with the Fit Responder

    Follow the link below to listen to our interview on 1union801 on fitness, wellness, ergonomics and injury prevention in EMS.…

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  • Sep182013

    EMS Fitness Program Design

    Check out the Article Fit Responder Contributed to the National Strength & Conditioning Associations Tactical Journal on EMS/Fire Fitness Progressions;…

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  • Sep102013

    Pain & Suffering

    There is a study I cite in my classes that states “57% of emergency responders surveyed (anomalously) have sustained and…

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  • Sep042013

    Traditional Pull Up’s OR Kipping?

    We just taught a tactical fitness class and while I can not quote hard science here I have an interesting…

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