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What is the Fit Responder Program?

The purpose of the Fit Responder program, which we will tailor specifically to the needs and organizational structure of your Agency is to:

1) Reduce on the job injury and workers compensations claims.

2) Establish a safe patient handling and ergonomics guideline which will eventually become a policy for patient and equipment handling.

3) Train key staff on the core components of the Fit Responder program.
1) Muscular stabilization and the 5 steps of patient handling.
2) Injury prevention through tissue flexibility and mobility.
3) Patient handling and equipment handling; a hands on training system.
4) Safe and effective exercise to improve fitness while reducing injury.
5) Utilize existing command structure to establish a system of oversight for proper ergonomics.
6) Clearly defined training modules for retraining, new employee orientation &
FTO training.
7) Initiate Physical Abilities testing for new and incumbent employees.
8) Examine best practices in injury reduction and wellness improvement and how they can benefit your department.

Why is the Fit Responder Program Different?

Bryan brings credibility to the program through his vast clinical expertise and as a paramedic he is able to ‘get through’.  By focusing on straight forward techniques that the employee can integrate into their normal behavior we can elicit change in behavior while not encountering resistance from excessive change.  Each department or company can appoint select personnel to learn and teach all the techniques in the program during a 6 hour class (train the trainer).

What can an employer expect from the Fit Responder?

The injury free system and process is one of true culture change for your organization. By revamping your patient & equipment handling training to one of ergonomic excellence tied to a system of self-care you will reduce loss and cut costs while fielding a more fit workforce.

What the Fit Responder is not.

Don’t let the name fool you it’s all about fitness and fit for duty BUT first and foremost Fit Responder is an injury and risk reduction program. After we remove pain from your employees, improve their patient handling skills and boost their job specific mobility can we safely employ our proven system of job specific fitness.

What is my return on investment?

While always difficult to quantify the Fit Responder is a pay it forward system. An employer can expect to see up to a 60% reduction in soft tissue overexertion injury and up to a 72% reduction in sick time from injury. By focusing on keeping incumbents healthy the cost of bringing a new employee on line to replace injured incumbents is drastically reduced. Less injury and sick time means less overtime and reduced load on the ‘system’ thus cutting risk by reducing employee fatigue. By eliminating 2-3% of potential new hires through physical abilities testing (PAT) we are able to screen out employees that will have sustained severe injury while on the job.

What presentations do you give?

Bryan presents a series of presentations, classes and key note presentations for public safety agencies, corporations, risk managers and insurance professionals and personal trainers.  Trade shows, conferences, meetings, focus groups, webinars are all included.  Bryan has consistently been graded by attendees at 95% and above for his presentations. As an accomplished speaker presenter and teacher Bryan is able to “get through” to employees by utilizing a simple but effective style,  To learn is to know but to feel is to understand-that is how the body learns, and a little sarcastic humor never hurts either.

What can the Fit Responder Do for My EMS Department?

EMT’s have, until now, never been taught a scientifically valid system of patient and equipment handling that reduces spinal loads and torques. In fact, most providers unknowingly add dangerous loads to their bodies, fit responder stops that. Mobility & pain management tied to a revamped system of patient handling and you will reduce loss while cutting costs. EMS can be a career without leaving the profession due to injury.

What can the Fit Responder do for my Fire Department?

Utilizing existing command structure and relying on peer fitness trainers and/or safety officers within the department the Fit Responder is able to teach advanced injury prevention, ergonomics and performance enhancement techniques. Since the fire service has changed to a more EMS based model our proven system of patient handling tied to safe ad valid fire ground fitness will reduce losses for your department.

What can the Fit Responder do for my Police Department?

Once the POPAT or job specific test is complete the Fit Responder will teach your officers how to manage stress, integrate nutrition into their shift and how to avoid the common and unique injuries found in law enforcement.  Academy instruction and screenings, Train the Trainer courses, Tactical Fitness classes and small group analysis with corrective actions are all offered to the officers.

Why is the Fit Responder so Valuable to Risk Managers and Workers Compensation Specialists?

Any program that can change the behaviors of employees reduces the risk of injury.  The Fit Responder takes it much further.  By Utilizing existing command structure to champion and reinforce the program we are able to change the culture of any department.  With expected reductions in overexertion injury over 42% and with marked increases is physical ability, flexibility, mobility and technique the Fit Responder is a win-win for any agency.

What can the fit Responder do for beverage distributors and material handlers?

Beverage and Material handling/warehouse work is strikingly similar to public safety biomechanics.  Lifting, bending, reaching, pulling, pushing & maneuvering objects in difficult positions and with shifting loads follow the same patterns as what an EMT or fire fighter does.  Teaching employees to how follow the S-M-F Principle while doing their job will ensure that on the job soft tissue injuries will decrease while productivity and wellness increase. By placing the body in a specific position to lift or move while ‘stiffening the spine’ will ensure the employee stays free of overexertion based injury.

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