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Bryan has the privilege of contributing and writing for almost all of the top Public Safety online and print Publications.





EMS1 Making responder fitness a national priority

EMS1 Stop making excuses for responder fitness

EMS1 EMT launches fitness app with customized EMS workouts

EMS1 the path to becoming a fit responder

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EMS World EMS 2020

EMS World Web based fitness program for EMS Providers Launched

EMS World Video, Web and Print Resources Enhance...

EMS World How to start an injury prevention program

Fire Rescue 4 stretches in 4 minutes

Fire Rescue Firefighter fitness. 3 scientific findings

Fire Rescue The path to becoming a fit responder

Fire Rescue Five points to first responder fitness

Fire Rescue The functionality of active stretching

Officer Fit Responder to help law enforcement

Officer Fit Responder

Officer Bryan Fass

Officer first web based fitness program for LE launched

Officer does flexibility affect time to the target

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