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Author archive for Bryan Fass

  • Apr182018

    Fire Fighter Wellness Summit

    We were honored to be part of the team bringing the first annual fire fighter health and wellness summit to…

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  • Apr112018

    Episode 2 of the Safety Leadership Letter

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  • Apr092018

    Decoding the myth of poor responder resiliency, stress and responder fatigue

    It seems like every day there is another story discussing first responder fatigue, poor resiliency or stress. Has the job gotten…

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  • Apr092018

    EMS Injuries Are Predictable and Preventable

    EMS consistently ranks among America’s riskiest jobs.1 EMTs have higher rates of work-related injuries then the general workforce and are three…

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  • Mar282018

    Resiliency in EMS & Fire Rescue

    Resilience and wellbeing is the hot topic in public safety right now. The sheer number of first responders with mental…

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  • Mar122018

    Improving Resiliency for EMT’s

    It seems like every day there is another story on first responder fatigue, poor resiliency and stress. Has the job…

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  • Feb072018

    Fit for Duty

    Paramedic and EMS wellness expert Bryan Fass can’t teach providers how to move patients properly if they don’t move correctly…

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  • Jan292018

    Injury Free University Demo

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  • Jan232018

    3 ways to reduce, prevent EMS-related back pain

    Pain when working out or training for fitness is OK, in fact it means you are pushing your body to…

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  • Dec092017

    Where we Fail Part 3

    HPA Axis Dysfunction and Stress The physiological stress response is a temporary phenomenon, which acts to prepare the neuroendocrine, musculoskeletal,…

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