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  • Sep092015

    The 5 Food Evils Podcast

      In this week’s Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson take a seat at The Guest Table with…

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  • Jul292015

    Station-Friendly Workouts

    The job task of an EMS provider is 100% physical, yet all our training and education focuses on the clinical…

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  • Jul292015

    2 things public Safety Departments need to do for staff fitness

    You are dispatched to an unknown medical call at 2:18 a.m. En-route, dispatch advises that no first responders have responded…

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  • Jul292015

    A risk Management Home Run    P.27   When the League’s Director of Field Services Bryan Leaird told City of Asheboro Manager John Ogburn…

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  • Jun162015

    51lbs Can Hurt You

    One of the benefits of teaching more than  500 classes per year is I get to see a lot of…

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  • May072015

    Are You Making These Training Mistakes? The State of the Science

    After 20 plus years in sports medicine, strength and conditioning and tactical fitness there are not many times I walk…

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  • Apr022015

    The Moving Business

    One of the benefits of teaching over 500 classes per year is I get to see a lot of patterns…

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  • Feb232015

    The Dangers of Drinking Milk

    I was lactose intolerant, but took enzymes so that I could continue to eat dairy. A book called Don’t Drink Your…

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  • Feb072015

    The Importance Of Portion Control-Podcast  

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  • Feb032015

    Do you Fear Exercise

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