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  • Jul162019

    But This is the Way We Have Always Done it

    Author: Bryan Fass   EMS has been a profession of near-constant change. It seems that every year there are new and better gear, trucks, monitors, airway and venous access devices and a dizzying array of IT companies offering to make our lives easier. Yet, when we step back and take a hard look at it we still have one of

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  • Jul162019

    Does Physical Wellness Impact Mental Wellness

    By: Bryan Fass Suicide claims more lives than line of duty fatalities. This headline statistic is both shocking and concerning.  But what if we are approaching the issue with only half the perspective needed? Simultaneously with our mental health and suicide problem has been a decline in provider health and wellness. Couple that with an almost rampant occupational inability to sleep

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  • Jul162019

    The Business Case for Safety

    By: Bryan Fass As a whole the EMS industry takes better care of their trucks and IT infrastructure then they do their employees. Departments hire and train specialists in billing, logistics, compliance, vehicle maintenance, and clinical excellence. What makes your business run are the employees that you have hired to run the calls but who is responsible for them and

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  • Nov152018

    Injury Free by Fit Responder

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  • Nov062018

    What is Fit Responder for EMS & Fire-Rescue?


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  • Sep132018

    EMS Fitness

    I have had the honor of training EMS and Fire-Rescue services coast to coast. As we prepare for hurricane Florence here in NC (where we are based) some of those EMS services have been deploying to our home state. Services from as far away as Michigan (tri-hospital) and Oklahoma (Muskogee) to name but a couple. Fit Responder in action is

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