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  • Dec092017

    Where we Fail part 1

    Annual safety training “We train the least, for the thing we do the most (patient handling), that has the highest risk yet wonder why they keep getting hurt” Problem number 1 is that we never train properly in the first place. Problem number two is that we never even repeat that training. What we have seen to almost 100% consistency

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  • Oct032017

    Food myths & misinformation abound in society. It’s even worse for first responders. EMT’s, Fire Fighters and Police Officers struggle with their nutrition more then the normal population. This chart will help you make some better food choices and understand where some of the sugars and fats are hidden.  

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  • Aug252017

    Interview with Bryan Fass, Founder of Fit Responder

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  • Jul232017

    Blended Learning

    We TRAIN the LEAST for the things we do the MOST (patient handling) that has the HIGHEST RISK & we wonder WHY EMT’s, Fire Fighters & Police Officers keep getting HURT.  Injury free university and Train the Trainer course is a hire to retire SYSTEM of mobility, patient handling, fitness, wellness, resiliency, sleep hygiene, safety, risk management and MORE. Invest

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  • Jul232017

    Nutrition for EMT’s and Fire Fighters

    There is a running joke about how EMT’s enter the profession relatively fit and enthusiastic and how they leave the profession obese, angry and burnt out. Sadly, it’s not a joke. EMS as a population has mirrored the US population with obesity rates pushing past 35%.  But the problem is much bigger than just obesity, EMT’s have to be fit

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  • Apr122017

    Now that Sit Ups’ are out what do I do?

    Now that the military has ditched the back breaking full sit up lot’s what now questions have popped up. The abs are designed to create torso rigidity and stability, flexion is only one of their jobs. The abs should be working with all movements, this is why we stand to or kneel to exercise; rarely do we sit. The abs

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