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  • Jul162019

    But This is the Way We Have Always Done it

    Author: Bryan Fass   EMS has been a profession of near-constant change. It seems that every year there are new…

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  • Jul162019

    The Business Case for Safety

    By: Bryan Fass As a whole the EMS industry takes better care of their trucks and IT infrastructure then they…

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  • Nov152018

    Injury Free by Fit Responder

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  • Nov062018

    What is Fit Responder for EMS & Fire-Rescue?


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  • Sep132018

    EMS Fitness

    I have had the honor of training EMS and Fire-Rescue services coast to coast. As we prepare for hurricane Florence…

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  • Aug292018


    https://blog.primacentral.org/content/successful-safe-patient-handling-programs-first-responders From a risk management perspective, patient handling injuries to first responders remain a frequent and severe source of loss…

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  • Aug172018

    It’s all about the Data

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  • Jul122018

    EMS Week Bad Behaviors

    Re-enforcing Bad Behaviors It’s called comfort food for a reason. As humans we tend to gravitate toward foods that make us…

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  • May082018

    Leadership Blog


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  • Apr112018

    Episode 2 of the Safety Leadership Letter

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