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  • Aug292018

    SUCCESSFUL SAFE PATIENT HANDLING PROGRAMS FOR FIRST RESPONDERS From a risk management perspective, patient handling injuries to first responders remain a frequent and severe source of loss…

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  • Apr112018

    Episode 2 of the Safety Leadership Letter

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  • Apr092018

    EMS Injuries Are Predictable and Preventable

    EMS consistently ranks among America’s riskiest jobs.1 EMTs have higher rates of work-related injuries then the general workforce and are three…

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  • Mar122018

    Improving Resiliency for EMT’s

    It seems like every day there is another story on first responder fatigue, poor resiliency and stress. Has the job…

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  • Dec302016

    Three Fitness Resolutions for EMS Providers

    By Bryan Fass, ATC, LAT, CSCS, EMT-P (ret.) Ask any EMT or first responder if they hurt, or if they…

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  • Jul312016

    Are we Less Resilient then we Used to Be?

    Stress is a fact of life, even normal people outside of public safety experience job related stress, although it seems…

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  • Sep222015

    3 pre-shift tasks for every medic, Fire Fighter or Officer

    Stretch, roll, train and eat like an athlete to thrive in your Public Safety career By Bryan Fass It’s oh dark…

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  • Sep222015

    Podcast on the Fit Responder Fitness app for Ems, Fire and Law Enforcement

    Bryan Fass Fit Responder Gets Fitness App

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  • Sep092015

    The 5 Food Evils Podcast

      In this week’s Inside EMS podcast, hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson take a seat at The Guest Table with…

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  • Jul292015

    Station-Friendly Workouts

    The job task of an EMS provider is 100% physical, yet all our training and education focuses on the clinical…

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