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  • Jul232017

    Blended Learning

    We TRAIN the LEAST for the things we do the MOST (patient handling) that has the HIGHEST RISK & we…

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  • Apr122017

    Now that Sit Ups’ are out what do I do?

    Now that the military has ditched the back breaking full sit up lot’s what now questions have popped up. The…

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  • Sep282016

    Podcast with Bryan Fass from Fit Responder

    Check out this podcast on Kicking Boxes about Safety, Risk and changing Cultures in Fire, EMS and Industry.

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  • Jul312016

    Are we Less Resilient then we Used to Be?

    Stress is a fact of life, even normal people outside of public safety experience job related stress, although it seems…

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  • Jun082016

    The High Risk of First Responder Patient Handling

    June 7, 2016 – WorkCompWire By Ariel Jenkins, Director – Risk Control, Safety National and Brian Fass, President & Founder,…

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  • May192016

    The Best Exercise for Fire-EMS

    If you have been through one of our patient handling injury free classes then you already know how immensely important…

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  • May192016

    Fire & EMS Real World Nutrition & Wellness

    Injury, disability, and even death is a risk that every first responder accepts when entering the profession.  Yet I am…

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  • Feb222016

    Low Back Pain Exercise

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  • Feb222016
  • Sep222015

    3 pre-shift tasks for every medic, Fire Fighter or Officer

    Stretch, roll, train and eat like an athlete to thrive in your Public Safety career By Bryan Fass It’s oh dark…

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