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September 13, 2018 Bryan Fass

I have had the honor of training EMS and Fire-Rescue services coast to coast. As we prepare for hurricane Florence here in NC (where we are based) some of those EMS services have been deploying to our home state. Services from as far away as Michigan (tri-hospital) and Oklahoma (Muskogee) to name but a couple. Fit Responder in action is an awesome thing, especially when it’s done on a national scale. One of our premiere services posted this on faceboook this am after their 10 hour drive in to stage for the storm.

Why do they do it? Because it helps to eliminate pain and reduce risk of injury

What are they doing? The ‘big 4’ active stretches.

This is just a minor part of the injury free system. While some people think fit responder is a stretching program it’s far from that. We cover advanced patient handling, patient safety, EMS equipment use, pain management, safety systems, EMS wellness, EMS resiliency, EMS nutrition and shift work specific sleep hygiene.

We use a blended learning approach that includes our learning management system and out train the trainer courses. Plus we are an insurance & risk management best practice for the EMS industry.


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