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Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp


Designed to develop your internal champions, this train the trainer course is geared towards healthcare leaders, educators, training officers, FTO’s and other safety minded employees. The Injury free train the trainer Boot Camp is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on workshop that educates attendees on the Injury Free system including first responder mobility, advanced patient handling, equipment use, wellness and safety systems.

The Boot Camp will provide you with advanced safety guidelines, manuals and access to our learning management system for all your crews.


The Injury Free Train the Trainer boot camp is an 8-hour course limited to no more then35 participants. It’s a full day of hands on training, safety system methodologies and implementation strategies.


The Injury Free Train the Trainer Boot Camp can be eligible for Continuing education credits. We will provide you with a certificate of contact hours and the curriculum, simply get it approved by your state OEMS.


  • Improve training quality while reducing training time
  • Reduce line of duty injuries
  • Lower insurance costs for workers compensation and liability
  • Teach responders how to survive the job-physically and mentally
  • Reduce lost work days, injury rate and injury severity
  • Improve employee health, wellness, sleep hygiene and resiliency
  • Slow the CHURN of turnover, injury, OT from injury, fatigue and more.
  • Develop a detailed ergonomics, patient/equipment handling, on-duty stretching, fitness and training (SOG) guideline following the principles of the fit responder program.
  • Implement advanced patient & equipment handling training techniques to improve ergonomics while reducing exposure to injury.
  • Since most injuries come from EMS patient handling we will introduce our proven and proprietary system of risk reduction.


Venue. The venue selection and coordination is the responsibility of the hosting organization. It may be any location available to you or your organization that can support the anticipated number of attendees. A climate controlled bay or covered area is necessary for the hands on portion of the class.

Equipment. We will need an ambulance, stretcher, LSB/Scoop, soft stretchers, weighted manikin and other patient handling equipment you possess. Plus, we will bring devices that your service or invited services may not have seen or had an opportunity to use.

Technology. Technology requirements include a projector, screen and microphones, are the responsibility of the hosting organization.

Food. Snacks and lunch are the responsibility of the hosting organization.

Promote. Fit Responder will market the workshop and provide marketing materials to the hosting organization, but it is the sole responsibility of the hosting organization to reach their target audience to maximize their attendance.


Contact Fit Responder for pricing.

Options to offset costs include:
• charge a registration fee
• charge for exhibitors
• Work with your insurance company
• seek sponsorships
• apply for grant funding


Once you decide to host an Injury Free SafetyBoot Camp, it’s time to select a date. Allow adequate time to market and promote the event plus time to complete all the online modules.  Marketing materials and templates will be provided to promote the event.

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