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  • Tailor-made training founded on a best-practice approach to preventing injury across multiple industries
  • 25 years of combined experience in the risk, safety, wellness, fitness and rehabilitation fields
  • Proprietary On-line Learning Management System (Injury Free University) combined with a “Train the Trainer” model offering a Blended Learning Solution to change behaviors
  • Consulting Services for Public Safety and Industry that are scientifically accurate and valid
  • Overexertion injury prevention program design and implementation
  • Risk management team training

Pre-shift back bends, arm & neck circles can actually cause injury not prevent them.

Our programs offer three specific criteria to be truly lasting and successful…

  1. They must teach employees ‘self-care’ using a tool box approach
  2. They must constantly reinforce awesome ergonomics
  3. Fitness & biomechanics must be a forethought not an afterthought….it has to be a culture

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