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The Injury Free Advantage

NIOSH & the CDC released their 2017 safety recommendations for preventing injuries in EMS. Now we have the 2018 fatigue in EMS Guidelines.

It’s strongly recommended in the fatigue guidelines that “EMS personnel should receive education and training to mitigate fatigue and fatigue-related risks”

Injury Free University has you covered with extensive online training for sleep, sleep hygiene and fatigue mitigation strategies!

NIOSH & CDC identified 5 key areas where EMT’s are getting hurt.

1. Soft tissue traumas
2. Exposure
3. Slips, trips, falls
4. Motor vehicle accidents, events
5. Assaults

Injury Free is the ONLY nationally recognized, validated program that meets and exceeds 4 of the 5 NIOSH & CDC recommendations.

As leaders in public safety you are always looking for an efficient, valid, cost effective way to reduce the CHURN hurting all EMS systems. Injury Free does all that & More. Since 2009 we have met or exceeded NIOSH recommendations for EMS/EMT Safety.

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