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We all have a tough job to do, caring for other people and other responsibilities, and the expectation is that we’re all fit for the job. But today, many are plagued by poor fitness, fatigue and misinformation about safety. The result is, many are leaving themselves at risk for injury and their employers at risk for lost revenue.

While we spend lots of time and money on work training, little is spent on learning the equally critical skills to keep workers safe from injury and truly fit for a job that often taxes the boundaries of physical fitness. Rather, we continue compounding the conditions that could lead to catastrophic loss, both for the individual and his or her organization. With countless lost days, weeks or months of work and mounting workers’ compensation claims, everyone loses.

But now, there’s the FitResponder System, the industry’s only validated, evidence-based learning system built for every team to empower them to safely prevent injury and promote total wellness. With FitResponder, leaders can be confident they’re reducing risk and turnover, increasing their employees’ career longevity, and improving onboarding and operational efficiency.

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