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Pain is a Symptom

Pain is a Symptom
February 21, 2017 Bryan Fass

Pain while working out is normal in fact it’s a good thing.  Pain while treating a patient or simply sitting in the aircraft is not, it’s a symptom of a larger problem.  Pain, even minor pain is indicative of a much larger problem.  A problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Let’s take neck / upper back pain as an example.  Let’s say you are in the aircraft and have to unclip the monitor from the bracket.  As you lower it down to the deck in one move, an action that could be done in two steps making it much safer, you feel pain increase in that spot in your neck….the one that always bugs you.

First, never let “that spot” become a problem.  Tight muscles do not contract very well, so they do not do their jobs well either and that can cause injury.  Keep it lose and mobile through self-massage, massage balls and ice as needed.

Second, make it stronger.  Air medical requires a blend of balance, strength and stability.  Sometimes there is no good way to do something and you just have to muscle it.  Strength is a job necessity so train for the job.





Lat, sub-Scap and shoulder.


Upper back, traps and shoulder blades.


The Awesome and Famous "Captain Morgan Stretch"

The Awesome and Famous “Captain Morgan Stretch”

Do your beginning of shift active stretching to keep your thoracic spine loose and mobile.


4.Sumo DL

Sumo DL are a great full body exercise.  4 sets of 5 reps will do the trick.

Do each exercise AFTER you massage and stretch for 3 sets of 15 reps.

  1. Finish it off with a long hold stretch.


Be safe, stay fit


Bryan Fass

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