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While the Fit Responder System began as a targeted soft tissue injury prevention program, it has evolved into so much more.

Understanding that EMS & Fire have unique needs that aren't well met by traditional approaches to ergonomics, biomechanics, fitness, nutrition, employee safety and wellness, Fit Responder set out with a holistic approach to safely prevent injury and promote total responder wellness, while addressing the unique risk management and operational requirements of EMS & Fire departments.


Injury Free meets and exceeds 4 of the 5 NIOSH & CDC recommendations for EMS safety, fatigue management and fatigue-related risks. Schedule a demo to learn more now.


In today’s fire service most injury occurs during patient handling, training & fitness endeavors. Our proven system will improve fire fighter fitness safely while drastically lowering the rate and severity of injury in the field.

Law Enforcement

Simple, actionable, effective and quick are just a few ways to describe our officer fitness and survival program. Your fitness will save your life one day, train that way.


To move product well first your employees must move well. Tie that to a simple yet effective system of product handling and you get a productive and injury free employee.



The Fit Responder began as a targeted soft tissue injury prevention program geared toward public safety employees.  We understood that traditional approaches to ergonomics, biomechanics, fitness, nutrition and overall employee wellness will not work in the public sector like they do in the corporate world.

Based in Charlotte N.C., The Fit Responder program has expanded throughout the country encompassing EMS, Fire and law enforcement services all having the need to reduce injury, improve employee wellness while reducing recordable work day losses and access to health care benefits. Currently we work with state county and state municipal insurance pools as well as individual counties and cities.  We work closely with risk and safety professionals, Human Resources and wellness advocates in all of these entities.

Injury-Free Coursesfor EMS

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Physical Abilities Testing

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Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp

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Fit For Duty/Tactical Fitness Training

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Injury-Free Courses for Industrial

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PTSD & Resiliency Course

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