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Injury-Free Courses for EMS

Injury-Free Courses for EMS

The purpose of the Fit Responder EMS Program is to…


Reduce rate & severity of Injury while reducing workers compensation claims.


Establish a validated safe patient handling SYSTEM to reduce risk of injury to provider & Patient.


Create safety, wellness & risk management champions within your department.


Change the culture and behaviors of field employees through biomechanical behavior modification, nutritional education, fitness, wellness and self-care.

EMS has handed down bad and even dangerous habits from generation to generation of medics. Patient & Equipment handling and use, biomechanical behaviors, wellness and nutrition have all been left as a secondary focus if trained properly at all.

The Fit Responder program addresses all these issues and more by following a simple, proven and effective training and education methodology.

“The Fit Responder Injury free program provides us a new and focused approach on the little things you do not think about in EMS but as we learned they cause the majority of our workers compensation and liability claims. We gained a process to understand body mechanics and areas of ergonomic concern along with an easy to follow scientific approach to warming up prior to lifting or moving. From the new hire orientation training to how we coach incumbents we are very excited to have the Fit Responder program.” – J. King, VP-Operations

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An 8 hour class where we create a system of tissue conditioning to prevent injury and even correct underlying imbalances. Develop a training system of patient & equipment handling based on your current fleet, cot’s and tools. Identify issues within your current system, both training and in the field, to help further reduce injury, liability and lost work days.

“The greatest impact of the program has been the reduction in the severity of an injury that does occur – this is reflected in marked reduction in two metrics from 2010 to 2013: Incurred losses are down over $430,000 and the average days to close a claim dropped from 142 to 70.”

Without a detailed patient and equipment ergonomic policy employers will be unable to track and or measure ergonomic excellence.

With an ergonomic policy in place employees will have a clear reference tool for proper and improper ergonomics.

Employers will have a benchmark to train, coach and if necessary reprimand employees for dangerous ergonomics. This policy is directly tied into the training methodologies in the Train the trainer class.

How often do you train ergonomics, Hands on, with your employees?

If the answer is NOT MONTHLY or worst case quarterly then how do you expect your employees to change their biomechanical behaviors? The Fit Responder program will put in place clear training modules that will be taught monthly, hands on. Training changes behavior!

“I would like to thank Bryan for training us this week. 32 plus years in EMS. I have had chronic foot pain for years and the quick and easy stretching techniques he has shown us has reduced my foot pain by 75% in two days! I am a believer!

A pillar in the fit responder program is pre shift functional stretching. Employees must possess the job specific flexibility that will allow for a reduction in soft tissue over exertion injury. By employing pre shift and on duty stretching in uniform crews will also become more proactive and responsible for their own fitness and wellness.

PLUS we will teach your crews to use a common tool to increase flexibility, decrease pain, improve posture and reduce injury; it’s wellness in action and creates the self-care culture that EMS employees need to reduce injury and improve their fitness and wellness.

“From the initial introduction of the class, throughout the lectures and hands-on activities my interest grew and often peaked when “spot on” examples were given or “real life” problems were exposed and corrected with your techniques during the class. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most comprehensive, research developed, and effective course I have experienced to explain and prevent injuries to employees. Not just injuries from lifting, but health, stress, and occupational injuries of all types. This course is a must for any organization wishing to reduce injuries or health insurance costs, and significantly improve employee wellbeing, job performance, and overall moral. Congratulations, outstanding course.” – Jeffrey S. EMS Director

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