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Fire Rescue Patient Handling Fitness & Injury Free Class

Fire Rescue Patient Handling Fitness & Injury Free Class

Our 16 hour course is designed to educate both the first responder, safety officer, PFT/WFI Instructor on the latest research and techniques in exercise science that will optimize their performance, reduce injury and improve wellness.

Often described as a PFT “technique mastery class” your PFT’s will gain an additional 1.3 ACE CEC’s.

The course is both lecture and hands on and which will allow you to start practicing the concepts immediately with your peers. We offer a cost effective and proven way for you to achieve excellent results while changing your culture to one of true fitness & wellness.

Upon completion of this class participants will understand and be able to teach:

  1. Why injury occurs in public safety.
  2. Posture and its effects on injury potential.
    1. Upper Crossed Syndrome.
    2. Lower Crossed Syndrome.
  3. Master a proven system of biomechanical behavior modification.
  4. Master Static & Active Stretching.
  5. Learn Tissue mobility as it pertains to injury reduction.
  6. Learn the 5 proper steps of patient handling & Spine Stiffening Technique for dangerous lift situations.
  7. Learn and teach Patient handling techniques; common errors and proper technique.
    1. Lifting, pulling, pushing, transferring, carrying and stabilizing (hands on)
  8. Learn and teach Equipment use and patient handling; common errors and proper technique.
    1. Spine Board, Stretcher, Stair Chair, slide sheets, scoop stretchers etc. (hands on)
  9. Follow ergonomics guidelines; acceptable/safe & unacceptable/unsafe movements.
  10. Demonstrate and show knowledge of primary health risks related to firefighters and prevention techniques including cancer, heart disease and obesity.
  11. Develop a fitness program / plan for all employees; fit to unfit. Develop fitness plans that will boost engagement and follow through.
  12. Understand a basic eating plan using simple elements of nutrition and healing foods.
  13. Develop exercise programming using valid techniques that will promote fitness while reducing injury risk.
  14. Design exercises and drills that engineer out the “MISDIRECTED PURSUIT OF STRENGTH AND FITNESS” that causes over 1/3 of all training injuries.
  15. Identify the basic principles of physical conditioning as they pertain to fire-rescue.
  16. Demonstrate specific exercises associated with fire ground bio-mechanics.
“The key to a successful and lasting fitness program is constant training, constant reinforcement and a clear understanding of what exercises are safe/valid and what is myth. To improve wellness requires that mobility marries to ergonomics which marry to safe job specific exercises. Programs that fail to follow this proven methodology with fall short of meeting their goals”.
“With 1/3 of all injuries a direct result of training, to not get hurt in the first place, the program will educate, empower and motivate while stopping the misdirected pursuit of strength and fitness common in the fire service”
“We received excellent reviews of your classes. This was probably the most valuable training we have had in several years.” – Asst. Chief Jodi Hettrick Anchorage Fire Department.

Incorporate cutting edge sports medicine and human performance techniques. This will reduce training based injury, increase candidate performance and teach a human maintenance system responders can use the rest of their career.

Design a training system, that will be adopted into your SOP’s, for safe equipment and patient handling. Establishing a culture of biomechanical excellence using proven techniques designed around your existing equipment will reduce injury and responder pain.

Establish a system of pre-shift soft tissue preparedness that will promote proper movement patterns and soft tissue readiness. This will tie into station friendly exercises, designed around your existing equipment that will promote job specific strength and physical ability while not promoting dangerous exercises.

Implement a structured training system, based on your SOP’s (which we will help develop) to enhance ergonomic excellence and promote companywide wellness.

*Married to the Fit Responder Fitness app your ‘Trainers’ will be able to design and share workouts with all your staff; best of all we here at Fit Responder can track it all!

**We also offer 2 and 3 day class options designed to fit your needs.  For more information give us a call or click here.

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