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Injury-Free Courses for Industrial

Injury-Free Courses for Industrial

Our approach to material handling is tailored to a production-based system. The techniques we develop and implement are designed to change behavior while fitting into a fast-paced and load-bearing environment.

Injury prevention programs must meet three specific criteria to be truly lasting and successful…


They must teach employees ‘self-care’ using a tool box approach


They must constantly reinforce awesome ergonomics


Fitness must be a forethought not an afterthought

Are toe touches and arm circles safe and effective? Science says otherwise; both of those stretches can cause injury and are not job specific. Plus they do not account for the four regions of the body that contribute to most injury.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Ralph Lauren Corp. both utilized Fit Responder system at their distribution centers in order to assist with the reduction of soft tissue injury. The Fit Responder system allowed Pepsi Bottling Ventures and Ralph Lauren Corp. to both have a 54% reduction in soft tissue injury in only one year.

All of our programs meet the following criteria:

  1. Safe, Effective, Valid & Scientifically Accurate pre-shift Stretching
  2. Performed in 5 minutes pre-shift and post lunch
  3. Directly tied into self-care stations so employees can manage minor symptoms before they become injury
  4. Empower your employees to embrace wellness
  5. Train and re-train safe biomechanics and ergonomics… training changes behavior.
  6. The concept is simple in its application while remaining true to what is scientifically accurate, safe and effective.
  7. Reduce pain – Restore Proper Movement – Train Awesome Ergonomics – Embrace Efficient Fitness

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