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Fit For Duty/Tactical Fitness Training

Fit For Duty/Tactical Fitness Training

Our 16 hour course is designed to educate both the first responder, SCAT & PT Instructor on the latest research and techniques in exercise science that will optimize their performance, reduce injury and improve wellness.

The course is both lecture and hands on and which will allow you to start practicing the concepts immediately with your peers. We offer a cost effective and proven way for you to achieve excellent results while changing your culture to one of true fitness and wellness.

Upon completion of this Course you will:

  1. Apply active, passive and functional stretching individually or as a team to enhance performance.
  2. Apply the principles of self myofascial release along with the understanding of postural distortions that contribute to injury and degrade power production.
  3. Apply evidence based exercises vs. fads and fallacies from a true exercise science stand point.
  4. Understand why the 10 most dangerous & popular exercises damage the body.
  5. Learn how to teach and use Functional Exercises that mimic the job.
  6. Learn power exercises that marry to striking, restraint holds, advanced tactical stances and landing mechanics to improve agility and balance and SCAT techniques.
  7. Design exercises and drills that engineer out the “MISDIRECTED PURSUIT OF STRENGTH AND FITNESS” that causes over 1/3 of all training injuries.
  8. Discover how to build fantastic cardiovascular conditioning in less than 8 minutes.
  9. Learn and teach on the street nutrition to improve officer wellness.
“The key to a successful and lasting fitness program is constant training, constant reinforcement and a clear understanding of what exercises are safe/valid and what is myth. To improve wellness requires that mobility marries to ergonomics which marry to safe job specific exercises. Programs that fail to follow this proven methodology with fall short of meeting their goals.”
“Sometimes we go from “sit to sprint” in a matter of seconds, much like the professional athletes. So, why are we not ready. The techniques that Bryan taught enhanced our physical fitness while designed to prevent injuries. Actionable, applicable and simple.” – Captain Todd Swaney

*Married to the Fit Responder Fitness app your ‘Trainers’ will be able to design and share workouts with all your staff; best of all we here at Fit Responder can track it all!

**We also offer 1 and 3 day class options designed to fit your needs.  For more information give us a call or click here.

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