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Physical Abilities Testing

EMS Physical Abilities Testing

Because physical ability tests can be subjected to a high standard of legal and administrative review, test validation is usually necessary to show job-relatedness.

Does your EMS department have a truly validated, job specific, non-gender biasedPAT? Does your department have an in house PAT that was designed following EEOC section 14c?

A high standard of evidence is necessary since physical ability tests have a long history of adverse impact against women as well as older applicants and the disabled. Hence physical ability tests are frequently litigated. Since a showing of adverse impact requires the employer to demonstrate job-relatedness, documentation confirming such a relationship becomes crucial.

Our PAT which mimics a medical call through the test stations measures overall power, strength including grip, anaerobic conditioning, challenging positions and is designed to be done in house.

Our content-valid Physical Ability Test was designed to assess a candidate’s ability to perform job-related tasks which require high-endurance and physical skill. The purpose in “validating” a Physical Ability Test is to provide EMS providers with the scientific and legal basis for using Physical Ability Test outcomes as a basis for employment screenings. These test criteria measure abilities such as strength, muscular flexibility, and stamina.

Examples of the test criteria include:

  • Muscular Tension – Tasks requiring pushing, pulling, lifting
  • Fine Motor Skills – Tasks requiring the individual to perform dexterity and fine motor skills after being physically taxed
  • Muscular Endurance – Tasks involving repetitions of exercises (e.g., carrying objects up and down stairs)
  • Cardiovascular Endurance Tests – Tasks assessing aerobic capacity
  • Flexibility Tests – Tasks where bending, twisting, stretching or reaching of a body segment occurs

The Fit Responder has contributed public safety and injury prevention expertise to Avesta Systems when developing their Validated EMS Physical Ability Test and serve as the primary training company for new PAT departments.

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