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Product Training

Product Training

The Fit Responder has become a trusted resource and consultant to many EMS equipment manufacturers. We have helped companies bring new patient handling technologies to the public safety market, coach and assist start-ups in entering the market and design training methodologies for these new devices.

There are many great products in the market that are not used or simply misunderstood by the end users.

As experts in biomechanics and training techniques, we can help your sales staff train in the use of the product, boost sales, and ultimately help the end user achieve their goals of more efficient product use.

Bryan has also assisted companies like Ferno develop their “injury Free” ergonomics and fitness program and has help trouble shoot training development across the brand.

  • I hired Bryan to work with EZ LIFT as a subject matter expert. Little did I realize what a great asset he  would be. His work is always better than I expect, faster than I expect - and he continues to provide  insights that are key to our success.
  • His low-key, no ego approach makes him accessible to all of my staff and he is fearless about taking on complicated issues. On top of all that Bryan is truly a team player who is willing to let others participate fully.
  • I would unconditionally recommend Bryan as a person of deep knowledge, high integrity, and creative approaches
    D. RobinsonEZ-Lift Rescue
  • Calumet City Fire-EMS reduced their line of duty injuries by 82% following the injury free system.

    There were several "aha" moments in the class, a sort of collective "Of course! Why didn't we think of that?" The solutions were often to problems we didn't even realize we had, but those solutions are practical and logical. This is a comprehensive, systematic, supported approach to a slew of issues first responders face, from sleep deprivation to cancer risks to nutrition to testosterone levels, all on top of the core safety teachings presented. All of this is backed up scientifically and supported by Mr. Fass with his follow-on information and support through today's technology
    Bruce KunzDeputy Chief EMS/Training Division, Mesquite Fire Department
  • In less than 12 months Guilford County EMS in Greensboro NC reduced their soft tissue injuries by over 51% saving over $60,000 in lost work days & OT costs!

    From the initial introduction of the class, throughout the lectures and hands-on activities my interest grew and often peaked when "spot on" examples were given or "real life" problems were exposed and corrected with your techniques during the class. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most comprehensive, research developed, and effective course I have experienced to explain and prevent injuries to employees. Not just injuries from lifting, but health, stress, and occupational injuries of all types. This course is a must for any organization wishing to reduce injuries or health insurance costs, and significantly improve employee wellbeing, job performance, and overall moral. Congratulations, outstanding course.
    Jeffrey S.EMS Director
  • The Fit Responder Injury Free program was fully implemented in 2017 with the physical abilities test and Injury Free training. Following completion of these two years, we have experienced zero new musculoskeletal injuries related to lifting and moving of patients and/or equipment
    Terri MortensonEMS Director Muskogee County EMS

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