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PTSD & Resiliency Course

PTSD and Stress Train the Trainer

First responders are 7x more likely to attempt suicide and 4x more likely to have PTSD then the general population. PTSD has a significant impact on relationships, work safety, driving, patient care and more. This interactive instructor course will guide you and peer support team through personal experiences with PTSD; from hitting rock bottom to all aspects of daily living.

In this interactive class you will identify the two types of PTSD, how to identify them and initiate peer support measures. The cultural stigma and the importance of treatment will also be discussed, including conventional and non-conventional therapies.

Attendees will develop a peer support framework with action plans to begin or improve your PTSD and CISD programs including resources to identify positive and negative comping mechanisms. Template peer support guidelines will be provided to help you develop a lasting peer support program.

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