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Speaking & Presentations

“Bryan is one of the best speakers that we have had at the N.C. Safety Conference.  He is an expert on his topics and most importantly knows how to communicate it”
– D. Meurs, Safety & Health Director City of High Point. 

“Make it stick…. confronting your patient handling and workers compensation issues”

There are 5 errors almost every department makes that actually increase your risk of workers compensation and liability exposure.  We will examine what these 5 cost drivers are plus we will examine exactly why injury occurs in EMS, what patient and equipment handling errors commonly cause injury, look at why some new technology may actually increase injury and uncover the common myths surrounding ergonomics in the field. Then you will learn how 5 simple steps applied to patient and equipment handling can reduce your workers compensation costs by over 60%.

There are three current breakthrough programs within Rethinking EMS Injury Prevention Programs:

A. Breakthrough Risk Management Program

B. It Takes One To Know One; a novel approach to reducing injury to EMT’s

C. Public private partnerships leads to drastic injury reduction to EMS Workers

Session Description: EMS represents one of the primary workers compensation and liability drivers for POOLS and municipalities. Risk management has struggled to achieve lasting and measurable injury reduction in this challenging group. This session will explore a unique approach to reducing workers compensation rate and claim severity.  Utilizing sports medicine techniques, detailed ergonomic interventions, behavior modification, positive peer pressure and patience lasting and measurable change can occur. The NCACC’s targeted approach to this problem has resulted in a unique partnership that has seen EMS services with 60% reduction in injury severity and over $430.000 in reduced claim expense over a 3 year period.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn a hands on methodology for restoring optimal biomechanics in public safety workers; they have to move well to reduce injury.
  2. Understand how engineered solutions and awesome ergonomics must tie together seamlessly to change EMS worker behavior.
  3. Apply risk management strategies for lasting measurable change.


Attendee Engagement Strategies: 

  1. To feel is to understand: learn how simple movements will reduce injury risk. (hands on)
  2. Apply risk management strategies for lasting measurable change.
  3. Active discussion on emerging engineered ergonomic solutions to reduce injury rate and severity

Myths and Misinformation skew how our society looks at back pain.  Add in millennials and the aging work-force and many companies have a pain in the back.  This class will dispel the myth that your back is strong and you do not have the ability to lift with your legs! This class will teach employees how to manage minor symptoms, strengthen their core to prevent injury and answer the BIG question: Can you really lift with your legs? Plus we will dissect the postures and biomechanical patterns that cause most of your pain and injury. Using examples from 2 fortune 500 companies and countless public safety departments this interactive class is a must for reducing injury in your workforce.

EMS is a 100% physical job, everything you do requires pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching and carrying heavy objects.  To stay injury/pain free and survive the job requires having a balance of mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance.  The trick is how do you get it and that is what this class will teach you.  A simple system that all EMT’s can use every shift to move better, feel better and get in shape.

Conferences and companies Bryan has spoken for:

  • National Strength & Conditioning Associations Tactical Strength & Conditioning Conference
  • EMS World Conference
  • American Ambulance Associations National Conference
  • Fire Rescue International
  • Enforcement Expo
  • EMS Redline Summit
  • Texas Association of Counties Wellness conference
  • Indiana State EMS Conference
  • Texas State EMS Conference
  • Virginia State EMS Conference
  • NJ State EMS Conference
  • NC EMS Administrators Conference
  • National League of Cities RISK Conference
  • National Athletic Trainers Association
  • IDEA Fitness National Conference
  • ECA Boston Balance
  • Lifelink III
  • North Memorial EMS Conference
  • NC Safety Conference
  • Indiana Safety Conference
  • Microsoft
  • Ingersol-Rand
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Pepsi
  • Pinnacle
  • SC Ems Conference
  • SC EMS Leadership Conference
  • Reach Air
  • GA EMS Leadership Conference
  • NSCA TSAC Conference
  • NSCA National Conference
  • Midwest Safety and security Expo
  • Massachusetts EMS Conference
  • ASSE Region VI Conference

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