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About Injury Free

You need your responders on the street, doing their jobs....safely and efficiently.
To reduce loss, cut costs & lower risk your department needs a proven system married to an easy training that sticks.  The Injury Free System by Fit Responder is THE answer to your needs.
We are happy to announce the Injury Free Learning Management System.
A hire to retire web based training system that will:
*Improve training quality while reducing training time
*Reduce line of duty injuries
*lower insurance costs
*create a culture of patient & equipment handling excellence
*Teach responders how to survive the job-physically and mentally
*Reduce lost work days, injury rate and injury severity

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On-Line Solutions

We are firm believers that bio-mechanical & safety behaviors cannot be changed sitting in a chair, let’s face it, public safety is a hands-on job. The Injury Free LMS marries specifically to hands on training, safety systems and street specific wellness training.

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Core Concepts


  1. To move patients & equipment well YOU must move well = Provider mobility and pain management techniques.
  2. First responders must become pre-hospital patient handling experts = Perfect (and constant) training makes Perfect and Permanent.
  3. Patient handling Myths and Mis-information are no longer handed down from generation to generation = Scientifically accurate and valid techniques only.
  4. Responders MUST be taught how survive their job = public safety specific nutrition, wellness and fitness....we are athletes....act like one.
  5. Poor Sleep is killing first responders = sleep hygiene and hormone imbalances are KILLING first responders (this may be one of the most important parts of the injury free system).
  6. Is your organization a safety culture or do you just run calls? The Injury Free system helps to create a culture of safety by exploring how to create a "just culture" of safety excellence.

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More than Software

The LMS covers the full Injury Free patient handling system and more with modules on public safety specific wellness, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, safety and more.

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